Meet the new offer – “Elastic Grid”!

Meet the new offer – “Elastic Grid”!

“Elastic Grid” is a full-fledged, multifunctional network of connected regions based on the Robust server with the “Hypergrid” option, its own web interface and expandable with a large number of regions of various configurations.
The network owner has access to all Hypergrid functions, including a full-fledged “God mode”, land resale and currency.
If desired, the network owner can turn off Hypergrid and build a proprietary closed Grid based on the “Elastic Grid” without access from external networks.

Unlike our “junior” product in the line – “Standard Private Grid”, the owner of the “Elastic” type grid is not limited in the number of added regions. You can link your own self-hosted regions, you can buy additional packages of regions that will be added and configured with our help.

“Elastic Grid” works on an ultra-modern server modification, which implies a change in the types of physics engine and improved weather conditions. For the first time in our offer, VAR regions are available.
At the request of the customer, the starter package of regions can be varied in two versions: 5 standard regions or 1 VAR x1024, plus 1 standard region 256.
VoIP voice communication is available free of charge in the initial modification of the instance.

“Elastic Grid” has a free modern, user-friendly web interface, with the ability to manage users and grid. The web interface can be customized for a small additional cost. Simple branding is included in the free interface configuration.

You can add your own domain of any domain zone to your grid, we will help you with this for free. By default, the grid is provided with our own third-level domain name like For an additional fee, we can order a TLD for you in the .com, .net, .org, .info, .ru zones.

To this product we add our high quality service and free technical support throughout the life of your grid.

Order “Elastic Grid” right now, and enjoy your virtual life together with thousands of residents in the Metaverse!