About our events in Caprica Virtual Worlds

About our events in Caprica Virtual Worlds

About DJ sets, parties and events in Caprica Virtual Worlds.

I think it will be rightly understood that we have canceled all DJ sets for this period and all radio shows. We are not planning any parties in the coming days.

Our country is involved in a difficult task, and we, the administration of “Caprica Virtual Worlds”, fully support our government and the Department of Defense in this matter.

I do not want to go into details and explain the reasons – this is the business of state officials. But at a time like this, we have no moral right to hold entertainment events and pretend that nothing is happening. We stand in solidarity with our people who are currently eliminating the threat of attack on our country.

Let’s not be sad, and wait a bit until the threat to our sovereignty is finally eliminated. Nazism will be defeated again, there is not a single doubt about that.

And after, when our soldiers return home with victory, we will have a grand party and we will enjoy the new bright day.

– Sam Adama, Caprica Cylon and “Caprica Virtual Worlds” Administration.