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in Virtual Reality

Grid based on fast servers located around the world
Incredibly Flexible

Infinite options and functionality in building your personal Virtual World!

Awesome Design

We use only fast Linux servers, which provide an unsurpassed speed of the OS. Each server is configured individually, in accordance with the requests and technical features of your region.

Friendly Support

Our team is always there to assist our users with all technical issues regarding our servers.

joy of perfection
Caprica Grid is the new spirit of absolute freedom in OpenSim. 100% loyal administration, REAL hospitality guarantee you a REALLY conflict-free stay in our space without a single drama or ambiguity. We introduce a completely new vision of how virtual reality should look like.

We came to OpenSim forever. As long as OpenSim exists, we will exist. We welcome everyone who is interested in developing OpenSim, developing virtual reality and improving the workflow of developers, coders, designers, musicians and enthusiastic people. We are glad to everyone who brings new, better and high-quality to virtual reality.
In turn, we will improve our network non-stop daily, monitoring the state of our servers and providing quality access to each of our residents and guests.

We have planned a lot of innovation and functionality for our residents. We have brought together our team of true business professionals in the field of server applications. We use ONLY the freshest software on the best, perfectly tuned Linux servers. We cooperate with professional partners who provide our team with excellent services.

We came. We are here. Welcome to share with us the joy of perfection.


Every minute we monitor the status of our servers, which allows us to quickly respond to the status of our network. our duty is to make our residents feel comfortable in our networks.

Already, we are able to provide equal access to the Caprica servers on all continents of the planet. Our residents have the opportunity to choose the server that is closest to their region, and enjoy the unsurpassed speed of content delivery. “Caprica” is not a “home computer” connected to the Internet, “Caprica” is a network of servers, located on all continents of the planet. The state of the Caprica servers is monitored every second by several independent services located in different regions of the planet.

More features

One of our main advantages is the provision of a backup service for the region in the cloud storage. Regularly and upon request of the owner. At the request of the account holder, we will create a backup copy of the inventory and place it in the cloud for personal use by the owner.

We own our own online radio, which allows us to provide unlimited streams for various purposes in the regions of our grid. Also in all regions of our grid, voice chats and text chats synchronization with IRC servers are available.

Virtual currency allows our residents to earn money by providing services, selling objects of their own production and receive tips from friends and other grid avatars.

Our Team

We have gathered only the best web professionals
Athena Cylon
Athena Cylon
Secret Service    
Caprica Cylon
Caprica Cylon
Grid Administrator, PR, Management
Soul, muse, goddess of our grid    
Sam Adama
Sam Adama
Full Stack Developer
Hardcore Developer  

Work With The Best

We use only proven, secure and fast software in our projects. Also, we adhere to the principles of the OpenSource community.
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Client 2

Extended support

Feel free to contact our support team to ask more questions, learn more about our grid, about additional features that you get by buying land or registering an avatar in Caprica Grid.