Caprica Hypergrid Client Dashboard

We offer our clients the best services and convenience.

Meet the new Caprica Hypergrid client Dashboard!

We have built an ideal customer center for the ease of use of our offerings and services.

Tickets, invoices, subscriptions, contracts: full control over your project and many other additional services. Quick solution to any problems related to your grid or region. Fast service of your project, time and expense tracking system. Transparent accounting and reporting to the client.

The customer Dashboard is incredibly easy to use! You order any service in Caprica Hypergrid and you will be assigned a personal manager who will accompany your project. Your dashboard displays all milestones, tasks, tickets and invoices. No one else offers as many control tools for your project as we do.


Caprica Hypergrid Client Dashboard

Caprica Hypergrid Client Dashboard


We raise the quality of services to a new level. For the first time in the “OpenSim Metaverse” there is a real automated online store of regions, lands and grids. No more weird sellers and gray payment schemes. Do not waste time and don’t transfer money to dubious individuals who are not responsible for their “services” and may disappear with your money. Don’t trust bots and cheaters.

With our monitoring and reporting system, you will always be aware of the state of your project. All stages of your project are documented and easily tracked by you.

Try client Dashboard:


Welcome to the new Metaverse! Welcome to Caprica.

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