Ibiza is a new region in the Virtual Worlds of Caprica!

Ibiza is a new region in the Virtual Worlds of Caprica!

Meet the new party region!

The Ibiza region was created in the Virtual Worlds of Caprica especially for events on the beach.
We have made Ibiza server as fast and comfortable as possible for our residents and guests.
You can swim in the warm waters of the sea that surrounds the island, chill out in the shade, sit in an impromptu “bar” or even play your sets, since Ibiza is an openstage. Any member of the Caprica Underground Mafia In-World group can make their own party in Ibiza.

One of the features of the virtual island “Ibiza” is that the outlines of the island repeat the coastline of the real island of Ibiza, located in the Mediterranean Sea on planet Earth.
We used height maps to create a landscape unique to virtual worlds, replicating the real one.

Regular parties are planned in Ibiza from our resident DJs.
As always, in Caprica Virtual Worlds you can enjoy original House music, warm Disco, chic drum and bass, techno, trance, reggae, dub and other club genres on Ibiza

We are waiting for you in Ibiza!

Map teleport link: g.caprica.xyz:9000:Ibiza
Or just use the Caprica Destination Guide.