In response to a question from a “correspondent” of Hypergrid Business

In response to a question from a “correspondent” of Hypergrid Business
Sam Adama, Caprica Virtual Worlds co-founder. March 17, 2022.

In my reply letter, I made it clear to Mr. Kariuki that I forbid anything to be published in my name or on behalf of Caprica Administration publicly, in the pages of Hypergrid Business, without first providing us with the final version of the text. Mr. Kariuki ignored my request to provide the text before publication, and posted quotes taken out of context from my response publicly. This violates journalistic ethics, but we were ready for that. We see that this kind of behavior is considered “normal” in Western circles.

Therefore, we are publishing the entire version of the correspondence, in which you can read the full response, without editing or changing the meaning of what was said.

Moreover, we, the administration of Caprica Virtual Worlds, demand that any mention of our company be removed from the pages of “Hypergrid Business”, including today’s publication.



My name is David, a contributing write at Hypergrid Business. I saw your post regarding Ukraine. I wonder whether any services apart from PayPal are blocking your grid following the position you have taken as a grid. Why did you take that position?

Does it affect your grid business?

I would like to report in our normal stats report article on the effects of the position and war on grids, which is why I ask.



“Caprica Virtual Worlds”  is operating normally. Our position and PayPal’s breach of contract are unrelated. PayPal violated the contract unilaterally without explanation. There was no notice or explanation from PayPal. We have not received any official explanation for their decision to disable our account. So, as the management of PayPal and other similar services did, in our civilized world it is regarded as a “fraud”. However, over the years of working with Western clients, we have become accustomed to this “style” of doing business. For us, this was not news or surprise.

There is no connection between “our position” and PayPal’s criminal actions.

This affected Western clients, but not our business.

All the sanctions that were taken against our commerce first of all hit our partners from Europe, from whom we bought server capacities for several years, hits our European and American clients, who can now lose their regions and grids due to the fault of American and European politicians. We will be forced to stop working with Europeans and Americans, and will continue to work as usual.

I will draw your attention to the fact that at the moment we continue to serve the regions and servers of our customers until now. We have anti-crisis solutions for them. The choice is theirs, if they want to renew their subscriptions, they can do so and the grids and regions will continue to operate. We did not break contracts with anyone, unlike “PayPal”. We do not violate contracts, as is customary in Europe and the United States.

What does “Why did you take this position” mean? What position will you take when Nazis, racists and criminals threaten your country with missiles and “dirty bombs”? What position will you take when criminals publicly call for the killing of your compatriots? I don’t understand your question, and the context in which it is asked.

I do not authorize Hypergrid Business and other publications and you personally to publish all or part of my answer without my first reading the final version of the article.

I do not give the right to the publication “hypergrid Business” and other publications and you personally to completely or partially change the meaning and context of my words. Citations must be submitted in the same vid as written by me, without editing.

Before you publish any of my quotes or parts of this correspondence, I require you to provide me with material before publication for approval.


– Sam Adama. Caprica Virtual Worlds.
Below is a screenshot of the publication on the pages of “HypergridBusiness” without our permission.